description of cold cathode lighting

Cold Cathode is the only continuous malleable omni-directional light source available in today’s market place that is still hand crafted in North America with more incomparable salient features of any other singular light source.

Lamps: Lead free, T8 that has the largest phosphor coated surface area to produce useful illumination in our industry. (Don’t be confused with misleading information on smaller diameter lamps and what is perceived as brightness)
Phosphors: Eleven (11) white Kelvin Temperatures ranging from 1900K to 8300K and over 60 designer colors
Mercury: Closed loop recycling manufacturer.
Continuous: Whether fabricated with right angle or straight electrodes, either design provides uninterrupted linear light.
Malleable: Cold Cathode Lamps can be fabricated in straight, curved, bent and 3 dimensional fashions in linear increments, as low as one sixteenth of an inch from 30” to 96”.
Omni-Directional: The (1) one inch diameter lamp has a 360° phosphor-coated circumference increasing the lamps lumen output and does not require special mounting angles, spacing or additional reflectors
Life: Is based on the depreciation of the Argon Gas, phosphor coating and the Mercury Vapor sealed within a glass envelope and the operating current of the lamp. Basic physics and the lamps massive electrodes pushes lamp life based on 10 hours daily operation 6 days a week will exceed 12 years of useful lamp life. Dimming or establishing pre-set levels of illumination can extend this life.
Dimmable: Cold Cathode has always been able to dim with almost any type of control, as long as the controller has a VA. Watts rating equal to or above the power supplies rating without color shift or inconsistency from lamp to lamp.
Vibration: This feature is a stand-alone entity because of the lamps massive electrodes it enables the cold cathode lamps to be used on trains, ocean vessels, bridges, subways, roadways or any location that is accustom to constant movement.
Lumens: Cold Cathode lamps range from 360 lumens to 780 lumens P.L.F. (Per Linear Foot).
Cold Weather: Cold Cathode is ideal for use in canopies, marquees, open foyers, building entrances, back lighting advertisements, and any unheated spaces where a linear light source is required at temperatures 0° to 50° Fahrenheit
Energy: Depending on the systems specification and hardware the lamps can have a Lumen to Watt Ratio of 72.7 far exceeding Title 24.

Undisputedly, Cold Cathode lighting is the Grand Daddy of linear light source with more salient features of hot cathode (Fluorescent) or any other singular light source.