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Per ANSI / IES RP-16-10 / IFAY Listed



Power Supply:
To be 120MA, Normal Power Factor, Dimmable, rated at 120MA on T8 (one inch diameter), long life cold cathode lamps. Each power supply to be encapsulated within an approved enclosure and remoted up to 20’ away in metal conduit or 50’ in plastic conduit, that is accessible and ventilated (not exceeding 100° F ambient).
Lamp Holders:
To be “R” surface, or “RR” recessed series per the specifier. Provide right-angle electrodes for a continuous line of light, with lamp supports for all curved and bent lamps.
Shall be 25MM Diameter, closed-loop, lead free and triphosphor coated. (380 Lumens Per Foot).
Cable / Conduit:
15KV cable will be supplied by N.C.C. and installed by the installing contractor per N.C.C. submitted C.A.D. drawings. Conduit is to be supplied by the installing contractor.

Note: U.L., N.E.C. and the N.B.C. will not accept any cold cathode system with exposed PVC Cable when used adjacent to air handling vents in the coves.

Shop Drawings:
Shall be CAD generated and be submitted for approval and future maintenance. Drawings shall show lighting layout, method of installation, and a complete bill of materials. Installing contractor is responsible for furnishing “As Built” dimensions or full-sized patterns, as requested on shop drawings. This lighting system must comply with ANSI / IES RP-16-10 and U.L. IFAY or be rejected.
Electronic Control:
Must be capable of controlling Magnetic Power Source for full dimming range.
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