SmartStep = SMST

Battery Back Up = BBEMC

Plenum Listing = CCEA

Safety = IMS

Custom Fixtures = CF

Turnkey Installations = TI

Specifiers Mock Ups = SMU

SMST-120V Operation

Smart Step Has (4) available factory pre-set primary values besides off and on, plus one spare in case there is primary voltage fluctuation at the installation location.
Smart Step Is designed to control (8) eight High Power Factor ballasts with (16) 8’-0” cold cathode lamps =128’.
Smart Step Maintains the power factor of the ballasts.
Smart Step Comes with a rotary dial control that can be concealed out of sight and remoted up to 500’.
Smart Step Can be integrated into any 12V electronic dimming panel with closed circuit relays, as long as the dimming panel has “No Choke” on the Smart Step™ circuits.
Smart Step Is designed to control the Cold Cathode System to produce 302 LPF @5.5 VA.P.F. up to 680 LPF @ 10. VA P.F. without the typical 15 to 18 percent light loss at either high or low end.


Specification for Smart Step
Per ANSI / IES RP-16-10
Input Primary: 120V/60Hz only, 15 Amp. Max. on 16 Amp./ 20 Amp rated dedicated circuit.
Enclosure: 8”x9”x18” with baked white enamel finish, with a integral safety disconnect switch when the cover is removed.
Components: Entire unit including all integral control working devices to be UL/CSA compliant.
Weight: 35 lbs.
Control Wire: To be CAT 5, 14Ga. Supplied and installed by installing contractor
Manufacturer: National Cathode Corp., 269 Essex Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601
Can only be used with Cold Cathode Lighting Systems that complies with ANSI/ IES RP-16-10
Information: Contact National Cathode Corp. direct for specification inclusions.