SmartStep = SMST

Battery Back Up = BBEMC

Plenum Listing = CCEA

Safety = IMS

Custom Fixtures = CF

Turnkey Installations = TI

Specifiers Mock Ups = SMU

IMS – 120V / 227V

The approbation bodies in different locations in North America have been addressing the electrical injuries that occur from primary voltages while installing or maintaining lighting fixtures. These injuries usually occur unexpectedly because the individual who was working on any of these fixtures assumed that the switch, dimmer and/or breaker were in the off position. National Cathode Corp. has chosen to assist in the responsibility of either eliminating this issue or at the very least giving those individuals a visual heads up.


Specification for SAFETY
Per ANSI / IES RP-16-10
Input Primary: 120V / 277V (Maximum input 600V)
Lampholders: RB, RRB, CIB, RCIB, AND SE
Ballasts: HPB-1, HPB-2, LST-1, AND LST-2 Ballasts
Amps: 6 AMPS
Interruption: 10 cycles
Size: 1” X 1 3/8” X ½”
Wire Gauge: 18 AWG
Polarized: Yes
Flame: UL94V-0 rating
Installation: Snap fitted
Information: Contact National Cathode Corp. direct for specification inclusions